Vensafe was an easy choice

When merchant Knut Lislegaard took over the Bunnpris store at Torshov in Oslo, he had already decided to make room for a Vensafe machine.

Brustadbua, a store of 100 square meter, has had to deal with theft and loss ever since the opening almost seven years ago. That was something merchant wanted to change when he took over the store April this year.

With a complex checkout area and two tobacco stands, he saw the need to rebuild the checkout area. -With Vensafe I have a more transparent store, and I have control with all the important high value products like tobacco and calling cards, says Lislegaard.

There are many customers using the store. It sells for 20 million kroners net. To Lislegaard it is important to create a nice atmosphere both for the customers and the employees. -The store has become more brighter and pleasant after we made room for Vensafe. The employees feel much more safe now than before since there are no places in darkness and they have a better view of the whole store. The smallest Vensafe dispenser and a touch screen gives me just what I need in a Brustadbu, says Lislegaard. The store gets tobacco delivered three times a week and the reponsibility for the follow-up of the dispeners is shared between three managers.

Simple calculation

It was a simple calculation for Lislegaard when he made the decision to invest in a Vensafe dispenser. -Since I would rebuild parts of the store, it took some time before I placed the Vensafe. When the installation was finished I immediately could reduce the binding of capital from tobacco and calling cards. Now the tobacco has a better quality since the rotation is much faster, and there is no loss. All of this will make this investment profitable, Lislagaard says, who feels that Vensafe will be a natural part of the store’s future.

New law for tobacco – problem solved

In short time a new law for tobacco will be implemented in Norway. It will make it illegal for stores to place tobacco within visibility. For all the stores, kiosks and gas stations this will involve new challenges. -To be totally honest I don’t really worry about the new tobacco law. And why should I? That problem is already solved through Vensafe, says Lislegaard. So the Bunnpris-merchant can focus on other things concerning his store. A store that has turned from minus to plus during a short period of time under Lislegaards management.

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