The Market

More high value products in grocery stores

Increasingly more small high value products are finding their way to grocery store shelves. The grocery trade is thus seeing an increasing need for efficient and safe handling of high value products. Vensafe satisfies this need by reducing losses at the same time as maintaining and even increasing sales.  A reduction in the binding up of capital also has the effect of increased profitability.

Vensafe creates new market opportunities

A Vensafe machine can be regarded as a store salesperson. Vensafe gives the grocery business more market opportunities because the Vensafe machine performs the sales transaction itself. Without the need for extra manpower or a counter that would demand more space you can add new products that suit your profile and offer a good return. Examples of this might include over-the-counter medication, health supplements, cosmetics, tickets, etc.

Customers want a safe store

High value products have taken over the risk previously inherent in carrying large amounts of cash. With easily transferable high value products a number of stores are experiencing that they are more exposed to thieving criminals, both individuals and gangs. The media is reporting on gangs that target stores to steal creating a lack of safety for shoppers.  Stores using Vensafe create safer shopping. Stores that have high value products which are Vensafe-secured against theft are far less exposed to theft.

Tobacco legislation places new demands

The government in a number of countries have introduced stricter regulation of tobacco sales. Norway lies at the forefront of this development, which among other things imposes stricter rules in terms of visibility of tobacco products. Vensafe is customised to meet the change in requirements under tobacco legislation.

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