Store Customers Benefits

Easy and manageable
Vensafe is easy to understand, after several years in the market we know that store customers quickly get used to shopping using Vensafe vending machines. Vensafe machines are easy to understand and learn and if you’ve tried it once you know how to use it. Simple!

Clear and informative
The products have the same opportunities in terms of exposure as previously, with the product card which presents and sells. Our customers are adept at placing Vensafe products in several sites; in the category shelves, on touch screens, in the cashier area, on the vending machine and on the store’s doors.

Safer store environment
Customers at your store are concerned about safety – a store that is less attractive to thieves and crime gangs will be more attractive to your customers.

Discreet shopping
Some find it uncomfortable to shop for condoms. Others even find it embarrassing buying cigarettes. Vensafe makes it possible for your customer to buy products in peace.

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