Store Owners Benefits

Removes all forms of losses in Vensafe product categories
It increases profitability.

Flexible dispensers are easily adaptable to different products, sizes and dimensions.
It saves time. The store can change the product range, add or remove products itself – there is no need to have a technician on-site.

Tailor-made solutions for product exposure
It increases accessibility for the customer and sales for the store. Vensafe offers large product cards with solid product advertising in the category shelf or on touch screens, or a combination of the two.

Vensafe vending machines have large capacity and take up little floor space. 
It saves space and removes the need for extra storage. The Vensafe machine holds up to 80 different product types and 1,600 product units ready for sale.

Full overview of inventory on the screen
This makes stock refills more efficient and it saves time. With Vensafe you always know how many items you have left per dispenser and which dispensers need to be refilled.

Flexible module system
This makes it easy to tailor a Vensafe for all store sizes and sales categories.

All transactions are registered and logged.
It gives the store full overview and a useful tool for accurate information on whether or not each item was paid for and if the item was dispensed from the machine.

The system sends SMS notifications
This prevents the store from landing in a situation where they are sold-out of certain products dispensed from Vensafe. You are notified when it is time for a stock refill.

Vensafe protects the store against theft
It creates a safer store for you customers and employees. High value products are the first choice of thieves. A store using Vensafe is far less attractive to these types of criminals, whether they operate alone or in a gang.

Products previously sold at the cashier moved to Vensafe
It saves time and reduces queuing at the cashier. Cigarettes which are high value products that traditionally have been fetched out of the cupboard by cashiers, fits perfectly in Vensafe because the risk of losses is avoided. One of the nice things for cashiers is that they no longer have to perform a number of strenuous movements to get out high value products from the restricted counter space. Handling Vensafe product cards or tickets using the touch screen is also faster. This means that the queue also moves faster

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