The Vensafe Zervio series is designed to make it as easy as possible for the customers to do their shopping, and to optimize logistics for the store.

  • The sales system is completely safe, since every transaction and event in the dispenser is logged.
  • This applies for both sales and physical events, such as filling of products and opening of the door, etc.
  • Every product that is sold can be traced back to a cash register and time of sale.
  • Backup and reports can easily be printed out. You have total control over the inventory at any time.

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zervio_tn_master_01Vensafe Zervio Master – Main dispenser

This is the main dispenser in the Vensafe Zervio series and is included in every solution.

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zervio_tn_tilleggsmodul1Vensafe Zervio Extra – additional dispenser

This is a dispenser you can add and connect to the Zervio Master main dispenser for extra capacity.

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zervio_tn_cooler1Vensafe Zervio Cool – additional dispenser

Zervio Cool is a dispenser you can add to the Zervio Master dispenser. It has a cooling function for products which demand cooling, like snuff.

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boxxio_tn_master1Vensafe Boxxio – For the small store

Vensafe Boxxio is the dispenser for the small store; – customized both in capacity, functionality and price.

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maxxio_tn1Older Vensafe Systems

The Vensafe Maxx dispenser was the main dispenser from 2001 to 2006 when the new product series, Zervio, was introduced. It is no longer in production.

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