Vensafe Boxxio – For the small store

boxxio_1Vensafe Boxxio is designed to make it as easy as possible for the customers to do their shopping, and optimal logistics for the stores.
Vensafe Boxxio is “the little brother” of the Zervio and is a simplified version of this, customized for the smaller stores with a capacity of 48 productlines.

Width: 90 cm
Depth: 91 cm
Height: 192,5 cm
Weight: 308,5 kg
Space needed: 0,81m2

Built in measures:
Width: 92 cm
Height: 194 cm
Depth: 93 cm
Technical information:
Power consumption: max. 170WCE-approved

Max. number of products 48*
Max. number of commodities 960*

*depends on the mix of products

Operating system:
Windows XP – Pro-license

Communication with cash registers: Local Ethernet or RS 485

Standard functions
By opening the door the screen will change to information mode where logs and reports can be read as:
• number of products left pr. dispenser
• sales pr. cash register
• how many customers who have not picked up their purchase
• sales and inventory logs
Added function
GSM module for import og export of data and SMS-notification about:
• about refilling of products
• out of products
• attempt of breaking in
• change in temperatures

Inventory 2 trays with room for ca. 680 products pr. tray

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