Vensafe Dispensers

The Vensafe Zervio series is designed to make it as easy as possible for the customers to do their shopping, and to optimize logistics for the store.

  • The Zervio dispensers are easy to operate.
  • The number of products left after every ejection are displayed in a overview on the screen when you open the door.
  • Product re-fill should be done every morning.
  • The dispenser has drawers which makes the filling of products easy and which secure the FIFO-principle to always offer the customers fresh products.
  • The inventory is reduced to a fraction as you free the space needed for tobacco stands.
  • This saves a lot of capital for the merchant and gives a simple and transparent inventory.
  • The store becomes more open, tidy and lucid as you remove the stands from the cash registers.
  • This sales system also contributes to a more safe workday for both the costumers and the employees, as part of the high value products no longer can be stolen, and unwanted people rather visit stores without Vensafe.

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