Vensafe Zervio Cool – additional dispenser

Zervio Cool is a dispenser you can add to the Zervio Master dispenser. It has a cooling function for products which demand cooling, like snuff.

zervio_og_coolerTo increase the capacity or to products in need of cooling (snuff), you can add extra dispensers to the main dispenser Vensafe Zervio Master. You can add up to 2 dispensers pr. Master dispenser.
Width: 90 cm
Depth: 91 cm
Height:  223 cm
Weight:  165 kg
Space needed: 0,81m2
Max. number of products 80* Max. number of commodities 1600**depends on the mix of products
You should not build all around the Cool dispenser. It needs air and ventilation to work. It needs free space of air around it.
Built in measures:
Width:  92 cm
Height:  230 cm
Depth:  93 cm
Technical information:
100-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption:
max. 170W CE-approved

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