One shopping list, one receipt!

With Multiticket the customer saves time by getting all purchases on one receipt. Simple for the customer, profitable for the store.

Benefits of Multiticket

For consumers

  • Saves time for the customer
  • Makes it simple; one receipt rather than many
  • Makes it manageable; everything you have purchased is displayed on one receipt
  • Provides a number of options; buy as many as you want of all products, one receipt for everything

For stores

  • Increased sales
  • One receipt, faster check-out at point of sale

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PDF: Multiticket

How to shop with Multiticket:


1. Choose a product group 

The shopping list on the right hand side explains which products and the number of each product that has been selected. The shopping list gives you a complete overview of all the selected products throughout the transaction until you print out the cards.



2. Select a product and desired amount.

Continue choosing products across all product categories and brands. The screen displays the number of items available, clearly marked in colour. The remainder (unsold, not available) is highlighted in bold.



3. Press print once you have made your product selections.

Wait for the receipt. The Multiticket receipt clearly shows your product selections. Hand in the receipt and pay at the cashier.



4. Fetch the product from the Vensafe machine.

The barcode is scanned once. A log on the screen displays the status of each selected product. You can see what has been dispensed and what is still on its way until everything has been dispensed from the Vensafe machine.

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