Product Cards

produktkort1-260x173Provide good exposure 0n the shelf

Product cards are plastic cards which displays the product for sale. Each product card has barcode and a unique Vensafe code. The cards are reusable and have no value before they are paid for at the till.

Images of the products increase sales!

On the product card the customer sees a display of the image of the product along with the name and logo.  The cards can be merchandised in several spots in the store, in the product category shelf and at the cashier. Our customers give very good feedback on this because double-exposure of product cards in the category shelf gives increased sales.

Small and large cards for different merchandising requirements

Vensafe supplies both small and large cards, for placement close to the point of sale, in the shelf category or in other parts of the store such as aisle ends, pillars, walls, etc. We are continuously improving the sales potential of our products by monitoring customers’ buying patterns and analysing the results from our customers.

Competitive exposure – without stock shrinkage

With large product cards our customers have just as good sales presentation and exposure as having the physical products displayed on the shelf. The difference lies in shrinkage; there is no point in stealing product cards!

Solutions for placing product cards in stores:

produktkort_5-260x162Double exposure of
product cards in
category shelves
produktkort_3-260x162Exposure of
product cards
in a low rack by
the cash register
produktkort_1-260x162A vertical stand
by a cash register
produktkort_4-260x162A horizontal stand
by a cash register

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