Simple for the store and the customer

Touch Screen is an easily visible screen solution that allows the store the opportunity to market an unlimited number of value products in a minimum amount of space. Vensafe Touch Screen is self-explanatory and easy to use for the customer and the store alike.

Free-standing pillars are integrated in the cashier queue

Store customers have quickly familiarised themselves with Vensafe Touch Screen, they are easy to see and provide efficient sales processing. Vensafe Touch Screen is the helper in the Vensafe total solution – and the link between product selection and product sale.

For customers: User-friendly and manageable

Vensafe Touch Screen is simple to use, the customer intuitively understands how to use the screen.

3 keystrokes, pay at the cashier and fetch the goods

  • Click to select category
  • Click to select brand
  • Click to select product
  • Take receipt from the printer
  • Hand in the receipt and pay at the cashier
  • Scan the paper in Vensafe and get your goods

Both the paper and the product card have no value until they are activated by the cashier and paid for by the customer. They are also of no value once the customer has fetched the goods from the dispenser.

For the store: Space and time saving

Time is money, the same applies to space. Your Vensafe Touch Screen sells a number of products using minimal shop floor space. If you want to expand or change the product offering on Touch Screen, all your need to do is update the software in one place. Updates take place with just one download of Vensafe files from our database. Price changes are made just as easily. If you have several Touch Screens in the store you still only need to perform the changes at one site. All the screens are updated in one operation.

Information Brochures (PDF):


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