Vensafe Care

Operating smoothly with no downtime

Vensafe Care’s goal is smooth operations with no downtime for the customer.

Our customers have varying Vensafe solutions and differing needs. With Vensafe Care you can choose the service programme that suits you and your Vensafe solution. Vensafe Care is based on our customers’ feedback concerning customised service needs.

Preventive measures with Vensafe Care

You get regular, preventive service, telephone support and emergency assistance from our technicians if anything should happen to your Vensafe solution.

Vensafe Care…

  • ensures stable, smooth, continuous operations
  • avoids interruptions to operations and unforeseen incidents
  • avoids downtime and sales losses
  • counteracts downtime and sales losses
  • Prevents frustration among employees
  • Prevents wear and tear damage
  • Removes worries from you list of things to do
  • Reduces total service costs
  • Increases your profitability

Your Vensafe is a salesperson with modest demands

We have developed Vensafe with the store as a sales arena in mind. Your Vensafe store seller promotes, sells and delivers the goods you have set it up to do – without a salary, holidays or any demands aside from maintenance servicing. You Vensafe solution works for you around the clock, 4,000 hours per year. With Vensafe Care you Vensafe solution sells and delivers goods in a reliable, profitable and predictable manner year round!

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