What do international customers say about Vensafe?


Improved results of over NOK 7,500 per month

“Vensafe is a dream come true,” says store manager of Rema 1000 in Fanatorget, Eivind Madsen“Just on medication we have increased sales by 78 percent and we are finding that there is no stock shrinkage at all. 

We have far better control over the stock and we are never sold-out of any products. With Vensafe we work more efficiently and fill up stock only 2 – 3 times per week, we use maximum 2.5 – 3 hours each time. We used to use a great deal of resources on filling up stock and fetching from the storeroom. The point of sale counters are more tidy and manageable without the “cigarette cages”. The store has also become safe, for both employees and customers. Nobody can steal goods from our Vensafe machines.”

Rema 1000, Fanatorget, Bergen (Norway)
Store Manager Eivind Madsen


15 percent sale increase, never sold-out and loads of time saved“We have seen a clear increase in income from tobacco products as well as other items,” says Erik Persson of Ica Fyren Obbola. “Stock shrinkage is at almost zero and we have had a sales increase of 15%. After having invested in Touch Screens sales have increased further. Vensafe has been a very successful investment and customers quickly get used to this way of transacting. Besides, we are using a fraction of the time on refilling stock,” laughs Store Manager, Erik Persson of ICA Fyren.

ICA Fyren, Obbola  (Sweden)
Store Manager Erik Persson


Nil losses and less work = better bottom line

With new premises and a bigger product range I have ordered yet another Vensafe machine for cosmetics, vitamins and high-value campaign products,” says Warehouse Manager, Klaus Andersen.

Kvickly Brøndby had removed products from the shelves and hidden them in locked cupboards because of major losses. This created a great deal of extra work for the staff in terms of opening and locking cupboards each time a customer wanted to buy a product. With Vensafe the problem is solved; nil losses and fewer working hours. The products are replaced by product cards in the shelves and the sales are maintained at the same time as stock losses are removed. This means higher profitability. “Vensafe has been extremely well received by staff and customers alike. This is an investment in the future.

Kvickly Brøndby
Warehouse Manager, Klaus Andersen


Vensafe was chosen for its design possibilities, reduced storeroom and for the future-oriented technology“It’s a really good system, user-friendly and simple to refill,” says Mr Fuhrmann. “We had estimated a reduction of EUR 12 – 16 per day in losses sustained through theft, but the reduction turned out to be far higher. 

Once the customers became familiar with the system they gave us good feedback. The products are now secured against undesired theft and are kept out of reach of children. We are completely satisfied and have even installed another machine. Now we have full control over our Vensafe products,” says Mr Fuhrmann of Edeka Fuhrmann in Neuhäusel.

Edeka Fuhrmann Heimbach, Neuhäusel
Store Manager, Karl-Heinz Fuhrmann

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